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From: braveheart01icscotland.co.uk
Subject: Down the gymThe following story is totally fictional - a fantasy which I have sat an
acted out in my head. Although it based on two characters in real life, I
have changed their names for privacy.It was a hot and sticky day in Scotland. Hard to believe as our summer
temperature normally fail to even reach 15c. Anyway, Kevin and Alan decided
they would down to the gym to workout some as the gym had A/C.Before I go any further, I really should explain what both people are
like. Kevin is a tall boy, about 5' 10", 16 years old with sun dyed blonde
hair. He is quite skinny with broad shoulders and a relatively hairless,
perfectly flat stomach. He has a nice, round ass with a nice big 8-inch
penis that curves when erect (I know this from having earlier underage porn nude wanking
sessions with him). He is a babe magnet and wherever he goes, he is
guaranteed a wolf whistle from at least a dozen girls.Alan, on the other hand, has a more "podgy" complexion. Not fat at all but
has more meat on the bone than Kevin. He is the same age and has natural
blonde hair. He has a natural tanned coloured skin as well but is a white
person. He has a figure to die for, but as it was about 5 years ago when
his underage schoolgirls illegal dick was still growing, I cannot estimate what size it is nowadays. He
is another person I have had countless wanking sessions with.But anyway, back to the story. The both of them made there way to the gym
at their local sports centre. As it had been a hot day, they both had
shorts on and decided to go into the gym and work out in those. After about
an hour of lifting weights and running treadmills, the both of them began
to get quite exhausted and decided to call it a day. The both of them made
there way to the locker room where Kevin announced he was going to have a
shower. Alan was facing the opposite way from Kevin and said that he
couldn't be bothered and would wait until he got home. As he extrem underage pussy
turned to look
at Kevin, he saw that he had taken his T-Shirt and shorts off and was
standing in lesbian underage stories only a pair of very loose boxer shorts with a towel draped over
his shoulder. He coaxed Alan to just go nude underage link
for one just now underaged fucking vids to save time
later. As he was saying this he had a big cheesy grin on his face. Alan
thought he could not resist such an offer and agreed to join him. He turned
to his locker to grab his thing s as Kevin passed him on the way to the
showers, jokingly pulling his shorts and boxers down in one swift movement
to Alan's ankles. They both laughed and Kevin carried on to the showers,
Alan noticing that half of the back of Kevin's loose boxers were stuck up
his ass, exposing one bare ass cheek. This sight made his dick twitch.As the both of them entered the shower room, they were pleased to see that
the room was extrem underage pussy
empty, although not saying it out loud, only thinking it. As
Alan got undressed in silence, Kevin kept drinking driving underage going on about how knackered he
was. Alan got the greatest site when Kevin lifted his legs up to pull his
sock off, letting the head of his dick slide down the inside of his leg as
his boxers were very loose.Kevin was the first to be fully naked. He simply took off his boxers and
where around his ankles in one swift motion. He jokingly threw them at Alan
and made his way to the communal showers, exposing his ass hole as his legs
parted to jump into the shower. Alan, however, was quite nervous, as he had
never been naked in front of anyone before. He walked over to the showers
slowly with his boxers on and was about to enter the showers with them on
when Kevin said "God sake boy, don't be nervous. You've got nothing I
haven't seen before." He then pulled Alan's boxers to the floor and when he
looked up, his face was very close and inline to Allan's dick. He just
looked up and smiled and him and went back to showering himself.Alan entered the showers and began to clean himself. Kevin broke the
silence by underage porn gallery
saying "Your dick's a lot smoother than mine." Alan laughed the
comment off underage redheads and said nothing about it. Kevin was the next to speak again
and said "Will you rub the shower gel on my back?" Which made porn european underage
Alan gasp but
he managed to squeeze out a shaky "Ok, course." He grabbed the shower gel
from Kevin and began to lather up his back. Kevin said it felt good and
that he would clean Alan's back next. Alan got quite aroused at this, and
it showed as he started to get a boner.Kevin took a rather large handful of the gel and began to massage it onto
Alan's back. Alan moaned in delight. Kevin cheekily pinched both of his
butt cheeks, which made Alan jump. Kevin thought he would be daring, and
decided he would massage Alan's butt cheeks. Alan said nothing and seemed
to be enjoying it. In another daring move, Kevin leaned against Alan's
back, head on his shoulder with his dick pressed against his tight pucker -
Kevin was starting to get a raging boner at this point."I wanna fuck you hard", Kevin said. Alan, overcome in delight said he had
something he had underage females
wanted to do for a long time to Kevin, and quickly got
down on his knees in line with Kevin's now fully erect 8 inches. Alan began
to lick the head of it, already having a taste at his first bit of pre-cum.
He began to bob the head, sending Kevin head bucking in delight. Then, out
of the blue, he greedly swallowed down about 4 inches of Kevin's dick,
taking him off guard, desperately trying to suck in air.After a few minutes, Kevin says he was about to cum. Alan retreated and
said, "Not yet you don't." He turned round to grab the shower gel and
ordered Kevin to lube his ass hole up, as he bend ove holding onto the taps
of the showers. Kevin did as he was told and covered two fingertips in gel
and slowly eased them in Alan's tight, virgin hole. This sent Alan into
spasm's of delight and was breating quite heavily. Kevin then said, "Are
you ready" as he lubed up his raging, swollen dick. "Ready as ever", Alan
replied. Kevin wrapped underage girl fucking one hand around his dik and slowly pushed it against
Alan's tight pucker. In one motion, he quickly shoved it in his hole
sending Alan moaning and groaning with delight. In and out very slowly at
first, and then the pace began to build up. Both were sweating frantically
after a couple of minutes, adding to the heat of the showers which were
still running. "I'm going to cum", said Alan, and Kevin pulled out his
dick.The both of them turned to look at each other, and they came together.
Dicks rubbing off one another and were caressing each other ass cheeks ass
they went into the biggest and longest tongue fight snog ever.The both off them slumped to the floor, knowing exacly what they were
doing. With their knees bent at the middle so the water on the floor
entered their holes, the both of them jacked each other off. Each of them
occasionally went down on another to give him a short blowjob."Lets go over to the benches". As they both made their way over to the
benches, each of them jacked themselves off. Kevin ordered Alan to lie
down, and he did so. Kevin mounted Alan, his dick right up his as
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